CTIcontrol’s Poultry Weighing Systems are the perfect solution for accurately managing and controlling the weight of your poultry. Our Poultry Weighing System allows you:



  • Average weight of poultry in the flock, and average weight of all scales against target weight
  • Reports of the number of weighings
  • Statistics: percentiles and mean deviation of average weights



  • Control of Average Daily Gain (ADG) of poultry
  • Control over the average flock weight for partial removals at any time
  • Eliminates manual poultry weighing, reducing stress and added cost



  • Surveillance and alarm system for the average weight of poultry against the target weight.
  • Any significant change in the flock's Average Daily Gain (ADG) anticipates responses from veterinary services.



  • Connection to CTIportal web platform through our central box for comunications CT1
  • Real-time access to all information from any device
  • Multi-user with different configurable safety profiles

How much do you save?

In order to know the evolution of the weight of your broilers, it is necessary to perform 100 weighings per day for every 8,000 animals.

How much would it cost you if you do it manually?

Price per hour
Time per 100 weighments
Process information
€ 10 / person
25 min. / 2 people
5 min./ 1 person
€ 9.17 / day

How much would it cost you to weigh a pack?

Broilers per farm
Weighings per farm / day
Fattening days
Cost per herd
20.000 broilers
250 weighing
45 days
1031,25 €

Our chicken weighing system allows you to perform an average of 2,400 weighings per day, 10 times more than any manual system, at zero cost.
All the information collected is processed instantly and can be consulted through CTIportal.

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