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CTIcontrol’s Climate Control ensures a wellness environment for our farm animals and their workers. On-farm climate control is probably the most profitable investment for a several reasons:



  • Proper climate control keeps animals in optimal environmental conditions, preventing disease and reducing the use of medication.
  • The monitoring and control on the levels of harmful gases, temperature or relative humidity anticipates situations of stress for the animals, with the consequences that this implies: mortality, low production, diseases...



  • High-precision climate control computers for high-precision breeding; finding the balance between the best climatic conditions and production profitability is our goal.
  • Actions on the performance of climate control elements based on the reading of gas control sensors and temperature and humidity probes.



  • Our climate computers respond most effectively to the need of today's livestock production to monitor and act at all times on environmental indicators of animal welfare: CO2 levels, relative humidity, temperature, etc.



  • The climate control computers are connected to the CTIportal web platform. Users can check the correct functioning of their farm from any device connected to the Internet.

OUR Solutions

CTIcontrol develops a wide range of solutions to adapt to the different climate conditions that each animal needs in its growth stages

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Our solutions for poultry


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Turkeys & Ducks

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